Wear model information182cm


Yukata(with tailoring)

Product ID:C2524100007011

¥41,000(+handling fees)

Points earned: ()


Place of origin: Hamamatsu
Country of origin: Japan
Material: 70% cotton, 30% linen
Delivery time: Three weeks from size confirmation
* See here for information on how to read laundry symbols.
Laundry symbols

Custom-order products (men’s kimono and haori)

For custom-order products, we will contact customers to confirm the size after receiving the order.
When confirming the size, we will ask about your (1) height (2) weight (3) hip measurement (4) shoulder and arm length (length from the neck base through the shoulder
to the end of the sleeve at the wrist) (5) haori length (when not specified, the length will be calculated based on the measurements provided by the customer).

If you are uncertain about size, please ask when we contact you for confirmation.
Products will be shipped within approximately three weeks of size confirmation.

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