Orders and Payments

Requests and Cautions

  • Before placing an order, please read the “Privacy Policy” and agree to all the listed items.
  • If you have a landline telephone at home, register your home phone number.
  • When registering, it is necessary to provide your home information. Orders may not be accepted if customers cannot be reached due to errors in name, phone number, address, etc.
  • Contracts with customers take effect upon the sending of a purchase confirmation email. If you do not receive a purchase confirmation email after placing an order, contact us as your contract may not have become effective.
  • Order details can be confirmed in the purchase history list on “My Page.”
  • Products will be shipped according to the order number.

Payment Methods

  • ■ Credit Card

    [Credit Cards Accepted]
    The following credit cards can be used.

    Credit Card

    [Number of Payments]
    The payment method and the number of payments can be selected from among lump sum payment, 3, 6, 9, or 12 installment payments, and revolving payment. Based on the membership agreement of each credit card company, payments will be deducted automatically from your designated bank account. Deductions will start in the month following the month of purchase. For details of deductions, check the transaction statement sent by your credit card company.

    The number of installments available differs according to the credit card company. Please be aware that you may not be able to use installment payments, depending on your status of card use.

    Credit cards may not be used or the payment site may not be displayed properly if a recommended environment is not in place, or even if it is in place, due to your website browser settings. Please check the recommended environments here.

    [Settlement Fees]
    Check with your credit card company regarding to settlement fees for installment payments.

    The date of card use stated in the bill sent by your credit card company is the day on which we shipped the product.
    You cannot use a credit card that is in another person’s name.
    Please note that, when using a credit card issued by a card company that has not signed a member store contract with us, you may see the name of a credit card company written in the detailed statement sent with the product that is different from the name of your credit card company. The bill will be sent to you by the credit card issuer company. If you return the product after the billing cutoff date, the payment will first be deducted from your account and will then be refunded by the card company.
    If authorization cannot be obtained from the credit card company, your order may not be accepted.

Order Status

  • After order placement, the order status can be tracked in the order history on “My Page.”

  • [Order Placement Completed]
    The stage in which the order placement procedure has been completed and the shipping procedure is about to begin.

  • [Deferred Payment Being Processed]
    The stage in which a review of the customer placing the order is underway at GMO Payment Service, Inc.

  • [Awaiting Delivery of Reserved Product]
    The stage in which delivery of the reserved product is being awaited.

  • [Tailoring]
    The stage in which the product is being tailored.

  • [Preparing to Ship]
    The stage in which the shipping procedure for the ordered product is underway.

  • [Shipping Completed]
    The stage in which the ordered product has been shipped

Use of Points

  • When you register as a member on the site and make a purchase, you will receive reward points equivalent to 1% of your purchase amount. The accumulated points can be used for shopping on the site with one point equivalent to one yen.
    *Points are valid for two years from the final purchase date.
    *Points can be used only on this site. They cannot be used at brick-and-mortar shops or on Kimono Care.com, Double Maison Online, Y. & Sons Online, and The Yard Online.