Terms of Use

Before using the shopping site of Yamato Online Store (“the Site”), please read the details below.
Regardless of whether users have read these terms and conditions, they are deemed to have understood and agreed to them upon starting to use the services provided on the Site.
Note that the terms of use for the Site will be revised as needed whenever the necessity for revision arises.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

  • Article 1 General Provisions

    YAMATO CO., LTD. (“the Company”) has established these terms and conditions as the terms of use for the services provided by the Company (the “Services) to members, customers other than members, or other users (“Users”) on the website “Yamato Online Store” (“the Site) operated on the Internet.

  • Article 2 Scope of Terms and Conditions and Amendment

    1. These terms and conditions apply to all Users who use the Site. By using the Site, Users are deemed to have agreed to and accepted these terms and conditions.

    2. The individual provisions separately prescribed by the Company, as well as the additional provisions listed or announced on the Site as necessary, constitute part of these terms and conditions. In cases where there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and individual provisions or additional provision, individual provisions or additional provisions shall take precedence.

    3. The Company may amend these terms and conditions as necessary. In such case, the Company will announce amended terms and conditions by a method that the Company deems appropriate. Users using the Site after the amendment are deemed to have agreed to and accepted the said amendment.

  • Article 3 Use of the Services

    1. Users shall use the Site in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    2. Users shall bear full responsibility for information transmitted through the Site, and shall not cause any trouble, damage, etc. to the Company.

    3. In cases where a User has caused trouble or damage to another User of the Site or others or caused a dispute in relation to use of the Site, the User shall resolve the problem, damage, or dispute at his/her own expense and responsibility and shall not cause any trouble, damage, etc. to the Company.

  • Chapter 4 Copyright, etc.

    1. All contents contained on the Site or in notices sent by the Company (including, but not limited to letters, graphics, logos, icons, images, contents downloaded in digital format, edited data, and software) are the property of the Company or contents providers and protected by the Copyright Act and international laws on copyright. All contents may not be reproduced without permission.

    2. In the event of a problem arising from violation of the preceding paragraph in relation to intellectual property rights, including portrait rights and copyright, the User shall resolve the problem at his/her own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any trouble, damage, etc. to the Company.

    3. The Company shall not assume any obligation to monitor every idea, concept, proposal, comment, or other information (hereinafter “Information, etc.,” but excluding personal information) sent by Users to the Company and the Site via email or other means. The Company shall also deem the User, or customer, who sent Information, etc. to the Company to have waived all rights related to such information upon the sending of Information, etc. The Company shall not assume any obligation of confidentiality regarding Information, etc. and may use it for any purpose in the future without paying consideration to the information provider while assuming no responsibility for any problems arising from such Information, etc.

  • Article 5 Prohibited Acts

    1. Acts that infringe or may infringe property rights, privacy, or other rights of the Company or third parties

    2. Acts that cause or may cause trouble, disadvantage, or damage to the Company or third parties

    3. Acts that provide the Company or third parties with information contrary to facts or information that offends or may offend public order and morality

    4. Crimes, acts that offend public order and morality, and other acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations

    5. Election activities, religious activities, or the equivalent of such activities, as well as other political and religious acts

    6. Acts that use member IDs and passwords improperly

    7. Other acts determined by the Company to be inappropriate

  • Article 6 Management of Personal Information

    1. The Company handles Users’ personal information (“Personal Information”) appropriately based on the Privacy Policy posted on the Site.

    2. The Company will not use Personal Information for purposes other than business relating to the provision of the Services and personal authentication.

    3. The Company and the Yamato Group (*Note 1) jointly use Personal Information within the scope of the purposes of use set forth in the preceding paragraph. When a new company is added as a company jointly using information, we will provide notification thereof using appropriate methods, such as via email, mail or the Internet.

    4. The Company may outsource part of its administrative work for Personal Information to external companies. In such case, the Company will conclude a necessary agreement with the subcontractors and conduct appropriate management and supervision.

    5. The Company implements necessary measures for protection of Personal Information.

    *Note 1 Yamato Anniversary

  • Article 7 Discontinuation and Suspension of Services

    The Company may discontinue the provision of the whole or part of the services without prior notice to Users in the following cases:

    1. In cases where the Company performs regular maintenance or urgent maintenance work for the Site or there are unavoidable circumstances due to construction

    2. In cases where a Type 1 telecommunications carrier discontinues its telecommunications service

    3. In cases where it has become difficult to provide services due to force majeure, such as natural disasters, power outages, and war, as well as obstruction by a third party, etc.

    4. In other cases, where the Company determines it is necessary to suspend the Site due to operational or technical reasons

  • Article 8 Disclaimer

    1. The Company shall not assume any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the details of the Services and the Information, etc. that can be obtained by Users through the Site.

    2. The Company shall not assume any responsibility if Users suffer damage to their devices, etc. or see their devices, etc. infected by a virus by using information, images, links, etc. posted on the Site.

    3. Although making every effort to ensure the accuracy of the product information posted on the Site, the Company does not guarantee its accuracy. Actual product may differ due to changes in specifications and image processing. Even if this causes damage to Users, the Company shall not assume any responsibility.

    4. Irrespective of the cause, the Company shall not assume any responsibility for any losses Users incur by being unable to use the Site.

    5. The Company shall be exempted from responsibility by conducting administrative work in accordance with information disclosed by Users, and shall not be held liable, in any case, for damage, losses, disadvantages, etc. incurred by Users in relation to use of the Services regardless of the cause of a legal claim, provided there is no willful misconduct or gross negligence by the Company.

Chapter 2 Membership

  • Article 9 Membership

    1. “Member” refers to a person who has completed the procedure for registering an ID and a password on the Site according to the procedure prescribed by the Company.

    2. In membership registration, one registration per customer is possible.

    3. In principle, those aged 18 years or older are entitled to membership. For those aged under 18 years of age, the consent of a guardian is required.

    4. Members are entitled to receive the privileges set forth in Article 11.

    5. When there are changes to a member’s name, address, telephone number, email address and other information submitted to the Company, the member shall promptly provide notification of the change in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Company.

    6. Membership is exclusive, and members shall not lend, assign, transfer the title to, or sell their membership to third parties, create a pledge over the membership, or otherwise provide it as collateral. Membership shall also not be subject to inheritance.

  • Article 10 Management of ID and Password

    1. Members shall manage and store their ID and password on their own responsibility.

    2. Members shall not lend, assign, transfer the title to, or sell their ID and password to third parties (including other members), create a pledge over them, or otherwise provide them as collateral. Also, members shall not disclose their password to third parties (including other members). Even if these acts result in the occurrence of damage to the said members or third parties, the Company shall not assume any responsibility.

    3. Members may not change their ID.

    4. If they forget their ID, members may have their ID disclosed by undertaking the procedure prescribed by the Company.

    5. If their ID and password have been stolen, or if it is established that their ID and password have been improperly used by third parties (including other members), members shall immediately notify the Company to that effect and follow any instructions of the Company.

  • Article 11 Member Privileges

    1. Members receive Yamato Points (“points”) each time they purchase an eligible product.

    2. Members can exchange their points for products or use their points as part of their purchase payments, with one point equivalent to one yen, when they settle their purchase on the Site from next time onwards.

    3. Members can track the shipping status of the products they have ordered on the Site and confirm their purchase history.

  • Article 12 Points

    1. Points are calculated by multiplying the amount paid at the time of product purchase (excluding payments using points) by the rate established by the Company (the “Points Service Rate”).

    2. The granting of points is confirmed at the time of completion of orders, and points can be used from next purchase.

    3. Points are not redeemable for cash.

    4. Points will expire if a purchase is not made by a member on the Site for two years from the day on which they last made a purchase as a member.

    5. In cases where an order is cancelled or a product is returned, the points granted at the time of purchase of the product will become invalid, with the point status returning to where it was at the time of purchase. If as a result the current balance of points becomes negative, the amount equivalent to the negative points will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Also, if a shortfall occurs, the User may be charged for the shortfall.

    6. The Points Service Rate may be revised without prior notice.

    7. In the case of a natural disaster, communications failure, inspection or maintenance, unavoidable circumstances, or the occurrence of other incidents due to which cessation of services is determined to be necessary, the Company may discontinue, terminate, or cease part of its services without prior notice and shall not be held liable to Users.

  • Article 13 Withdrawal and Revocation of Membership

    1. Members may withdraw from membership by contacting the Company and taking the procedures prescribed by the Company. In such case, their member ID will be deleted, and after the deletion of membership, they will be unable to register again with the same ID.

    2. Upon acquiring knowledge of the death of a member, the Company deems that a withdrawal notification mentioned in the preceding paragraph has been filed.

    3. When a member falls under any of the cases below, the Company may immediately terminate or delete their membership without giving prior notice to the member.

    1. In cases where an act listed in Article 5 was carried out

    2. In cases where a false statement or information was provided to the Company

    3. In cases where it is established membership was deleted in the past due to a violation of these terms and conditions or other reasons

    4. In cases where the operation of the Site was obstructed, irrespective of the method

    5. In cases where there was a delay or default in the payment of a debt or other obligation

    6. In cases where it has become impossible to contact a member through any means, including via the reported telephone and fax numbers and email address

    7. In cases where any other violation of these terms and conditions has occurred

    8. In other cases, where the Company determines the member to be inappropriate as a member

    4. Even if the member has become unable to use the Services as a result of the Company taking the measure mentioned in the preceding paragraph and this has caused damage to the member or a third party, the Company shall not assume any responsibility. Also, in cases where damage to the Company or a third party has occurred due to the member taking an action that falls under any of the items listed in the preceding paragraph, the member shall assume all legal liabilities, even after losing his/her membership.

Chapter 3 Purchase and Sale

  • Article 14 Purchase and Sale

    Users may purchase products or services listed on the Site in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.

  • Article 15 Terms of Sale

    1. The sale prices of products listed on the Site are tax-inclusive prices for Users making purchases on the Site.

    2. Product prices listed on the Site may be changed without prior notice.

    3. The shipping schedule shown on the Site is an estimated period from the time of order confirmation, and does not guarantee the delivery date.

    4. For the delivery of a product, a shipping fee will be charged in addition to the product price.

    When shipping to outside of Japan, the customs duty and the customs clearance fee shall be paid at the time of receipt.

    5. Users aged 18 years or older are entitled to purchase products on the Site. Orders placed by Users under 18 years of age require the consent of a guardian.

  • Article 16 Orders and Conclusion of Contracts

    1. Users can apply for purchase of products listed on the Site in accordance with the procedures designated by the Company.

    2. When Users complete the order procedures on the Site and make payment, their order details will be confirmed. However, in the case of cash on delivery shipping, the order details shall be confirmed at the time of completion of the order procedures on the Site.

    3. The sales contract between the User and the Company based on an order shall take effect when the Company sends an email announcing completion of the shipping procedure for the product or delivers the product to the User. In cases where products are shipped in installments, sales contracts shall take effect by product delivered in installments.

    4. A sales contract shall be concluded under the terms at the time of placement of the order, irrespective of changes in the sales price and the Points Service Rate after placement of the order.

    5. Regardless of the formation of contracts, the Company may refuse to accept orders or may cancel contracts unconditionally in the following cases:

    1. In cases where a false statement has been found in Personal Information

    2. In cases where an order has been placed for a product expected to be out of stock for a long time or a discontinued product

    3. In cases where the order volume exceeds the volume that can be arranged

    4. In cases where the Company determines that the price shown on the Site is not appropriate compared to market prices, etc.

    5. In cases where an order has been placed that may be for the purpose of transfer, resale, or profit making

    6. In cases where a User under 18 years of age has placed an order without obtaining the consent of his/her guardian

    7. When a payment method setting a due date for payment has been chosen for the order, and payment has not been made by the due date

    8. In other cases where the Company determines that it is necessary to refuse to accept the order or to cancel the contract

  • Article 17 Delivery of Products

    1. For Users with whom a contract has been concluded, the Company shall deliver the product to the designated address in accordance with the details of the contract.

    2. Delivery shall be made by the delivery company designated by the Company, and unless requested otherwise, the product shall be delivered to the front door of the address. On delivery, the burden of risk for the relevant product shall pass to the User.

    3. The ownership of the said product shall pass to the User at the time of delivery in the case of money transfer and at the time of payment from the credit card company to the Company after delivery of the product in the case of credit card settlement.

    4. In principle, only one address in Japan can be accepted for product delivery. However, as an exception, we will accept shipping to one overseas address if all the following conditions are met:

    1. If the entire shipping fee (including the handling fee) designated by the Company is borne by the customer

     *Campaigns and other programs featuring no shipping fees separately provided by the Company are not applicable to overseas shipping.

    2. If the customer agrees that a return or cooling-off period will not be available under any circumstances

    3. If the customer agrees that, if customs duties, etc. are imposed in the destination country, such duties, etc. shall be borne by the recipient

    4. If the customer agrees to use of the shipping company designated by the Company

    5. In the case of overseas shipping, the cash on delivery (e-collect) service or bank transfer payment cannot be used.

    6. If the customer understands and agrees to these terms and conditions in Japanese

    7. The delivery date and time cannot be designated for overseas shipping.

    5. When multiple products including a custom-order produce are ordered in one order, the products will be delivered all together to the designated address after the tailored product is ready.

  • Article 18 Payment

    1. The usage fee for the Site, calculation method, etc. shall be as prescribed by the Company.

    2. In the case of a dispute that has occurred regarding payment relating to the Site between a User and the credit card company, payment service provider, etc. over the charge or other debt, the User shall resolve the dispute directly with the party involved.

  • Article 19 Return, Refund, etc.

    1. If there is an initial defect or difference in the delivered product, please contact the Company within eight days of arrival of the product. After confirming the problem, the Company will exchange or repair the product. In cases where it is unable to exchange it for the same product or repair it because the product is sold out or for other reasons, we will make a refund or exchange it for an equivalent product.

    2. We will accept a return or exchange when a notice is sent to the Company via e-mail or other means within eight days of arrival of the product. In such case, the round-trip shipping fees shall be borne by the User. The deadline for sending back products is 10 days after the date on which the cooling-off period starts.

    In addition, we will not accept a return of the following products:

    1. Products for which an application for return is not made

    2. Products returned more than 10 days after their arrival

    3. Products processed, damaged, or used by the customer

    4. Products processed (tailored, etc.) upon request from customers (excluding products returned due to a processing error by the Company)

    5. Products which the Company has stated in advance to be not returnable

    6. Products delivered to an overseas address

    3. For customers making a purchase using bank transfer, convenience store online payment, or cash on delivery services, the price for the returned product and the amount of difference arising from replacement shall be paid into the account designated by the customer after confirmation of arrival of the relevant product.

    The amount paid into the account will be the amount after deducting the bank transfer and shipping fees.

    For customers making a purchase by credit card, with regard to the price for the returned product, the Company will take procedures for cancelling the credit card sale after confirming the arrival of the relevant product and receiving the shipping fees to be paid.

Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Article 20 Force Majeure

    The Company shall not be liable to Users if the fulfillment of contracts is delayed or becomes impossible due to a natural disaster, war, riots, civil war, revolution, the revision, abolition, or establishment of laws and regulations, order or disposition by court or government authorities, accidents during transportation, or other force majeure.

  • Article 21 Court with Jurisdiction

    1. In the event that an issue that cannot be resolved by these terms and conditions has occurred between a User and the Company in relation to use of the Site, the User and the Company shall discuss and resolve the issue in good faith.

    2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the issue cannot be resolved through discussion, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction with respect to the issue.

  • Article 22 Governing Law

    The establishment, validity, implementation, and interpretation of these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

<Supplementary Provisions>
These terms and conditions shall take effect from April 1, 2019.