Information Pursuant to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Information necessary for Yamato Online Store to provide customers over the Internet with kimono, yukata, obi, coordinated accessories, kimono accessories, and other products is stated below, based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.
These items are necessary for you to enjoy shopping in comfort, so be sure to read through them before using the website.

Operation Administrator Yuki Yamamoto
Location 5-27-3 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Telephone YAMATO CO., LTD. 0120-18-8880
* This is our toll-free number for customers. Do not use the number for sales or commercial purposes.
Fees Charged Other than Product Prices Shipping fee, cash on delivery fee (at the time of delivery)
[Shipping fee] A flat rate of 750 yen (excluding tax) for delivery within Japan.It is free shipping by purchase 8,000 yen (tax-excluded) or more.For overseas delivery, even if you purchase over 8,000 yen (excluding tax), we will charge the shipping fee according to EMS.※September 1, 2020 last change
[Cash-on-delivery fee] The fee is borne by the customer. 
Order Method Place an order on this site.
Order Deadline In principle, we do not establish sales periods for products that are in stock.
For products with limited availability, such as those on sale for a limited time, we will add a description to the effect.
Return and Replacement We will accept a product return or replacement within eight days after arrival of the product. In such case, the customer must bear the shipping fee and the bank transfer fee incurred when the refund is made. (We cannot accept a product return or replacement requested more than eight days after arrival of the product.)
If there is a defect in a product or a product different from the one ordered is shipped, we will accept a product replacement or return.
In such case, send the product back using the method we have designated. We will replace it with a good, ordered product. The shipping fees required for sending back the product and shipping a new one again will be borne by our company.
Sales Volume The sales volume differs depending on the product. We will indicate when products are out of stock.
When a product runs out or there is a delay in arrival of a product after placement of an order, we will send an email notification thereof. Other sales terms will be displayed on the website.
Product Delivery General products will be delivered within one week after acceptance of orders. Tailored products will be delivered within around three weeks of size confirmation. (The timing of delivery may differ depending on the product and process.)
When multiple products including a tailored product are ordered in the one order, the products will be delivered all together to the designated address after the tailored product is completed. Only one address can be accepted for product delivery. If delivery is delayed, we will send email notification.
Payment Methods Credit card, cash on delivery, payment at convenience stores, GMO deferred payment (convenience stores/banks), bank transfer
Payment Due Date Credit card: Payment will be charged at the time of order confirmation.
Cash on delivery: Payment must be made using cash, a credit card, e-money, or a debit card at the time of receipt of products.
GMO deferred payment: Make payment within 14 days of issuance of the bill.
Convenience store online payment: Make payment at a nearby convenience store.
Descriptions based on the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act YAMATO CO., LTD.
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Permit number: 307751706844