Cancellation, Return, and Replacement

Order Cancellation

  • We accept order cancellation requests before shipping via inquiry form or phone.
    When requesting a cancellation, provide the order number stated in the order confirmation email and the name of the person who placed the order, along with the product you wish to cancel.
    The cancellation of a product that has already been shipped is treated as a product return after receipt of the product. In such case, the entire shipping and bank transfer fees must be borne by the customer.
    *For tailored products, we cannot accept cancellation if you do not contact us within 8 days after confirming your order.

Return and Replacement

  • As long as our return eligibility criteria are met, a return or replacement for customer convenience is possible, such as for products being different from what was expected, the size not fitting, and making a wrong order.

    Request a return or replacement via inquiry form within eight days of arrival of the product. The deadline for sending back products is 10 days after the date on which the cooling-off period starts.

    In the case of a return requested for customer convenience, the entire shipping and bank transfer fees must be borne by the customer. Note that if a product is sent back on a payment on delivery basis, the payment on delivery fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.

  • <Return Eligibility Criteria>

    All the following criteria must be met.

    • The deadline for sending back products is 10 days after the date on which the cooling-off period starts.
    • Product determined to be unused according to our criteria
    • Accessories, care label, product tag, box, etc. are attached to the product
    • Product not processed (tailored, etc.) upon a request from the customer
    • Product not processed, damaged, or used by the customer
    • It is not stated on the product page that the product is “not returnable”

Long Absence and Refusal of Acceptance

  • When you are absent at the time of delivery, the courier will leave an attempted delivery notice. Contact the phone number written on the notice to have the parcel redelivered.
    Sagawa Express will keep undelivered parcels for around one week. In cases where a parcel is not received even after one week has passed, the ordered product will be treated as a returned product. Also, if orders have not been received a number of times due to long-term absence or refusal of acceptance, we will refrain from sending a product next time.
    *Note that an attempted delivery notice may not be given if the registered name is different from the name written on the nameplate of the house.

  • Never refuse to accept products you have ordered. If products are not accepted after shipment, we may request an advance payment for the orders you place from the next time onwards. In cases where customers have not received their orders for more than a week after shipment without contacting us, the orders will be returned and treated as returned products. Note that if the product return is deemed to be a malicious refusal of acceptance, we may refrain from sending products from the next time onwards and charge round trip shipping fees (shipping fees for delivery and return) plus a fee for product arrangement, etc. When there are many instances in which the customer did not receive products, we may also refrain from sending products from the next time onwards.


  • Except in cases where product return is not allowed as described above, we will accept requests for product return after confirming arrival of the product, and proceed with the refund procedure according to the following steps within 10 business days.
    We will send email notification upon confirming arrival of a returned product and completing the refund procedure.
    Note that we will charge shipping and handling fees in the case of return for customer convenience.

  • [In the Case of Credit Card Payment]
    The refund procedure will be implemented via the credit card company. The payment may be deducted first and then refunded next month or thereafter, depending on the closing date of the credit card you use. For details, contact your credit card company directly.